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, the top

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agency in Singapore aims to provide the best quality and experience to you. We have a huge base of beautiful

social escort

with quality portfolios who hold a full-time or part-time job with professional position.

Our recruitment is abided strictly with our company's vision and therefore quality will not be compromised.


We have new escorts on-board!

Vera - **NEW**
Young and sexy. One of our recommended escorts!

Christie - **NEW**
Demure and sweet looking. Very service oriented.

Lynette - **NEW**
Innocent look and shy.

Zoey - **NEW**
Wild and seductive.

Cammie - **NEW**
Girl next door and very sweet looking.

Vivian - **NEW**
Seductive looks but shy at times.

Ashley - **NEW**
Wild and playful.

Kiki - **NEW**
Young and sexy.

Aries - **NEW**
Young, cute and innocent.


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New to this line but with one of the best attitude! Previously an ex events freelance model and has taken part in various events like car shows etc. She always love to please her customers, definitely not a time watcher and will even offer you a massage for any spare time left. This is definitely a gem not to be missed! Definitely a value for money as well. For those who are constantly seeking out new adventures, don’t wait, this is a fresh & new girl!


Devil in the making! Ashley will spring all kind of surprises on you, with a very alluring & slutty looks, plus a pair of very big seductive eyes, she will lure you in before you even noticed. She also has a very unique & daring dress sense, which makes her a standout even in a big crowd. Biggest plus of all, this hot spinner enjoys a good session as much as you do.


Jaslin is a seductive babe with innocent eyes and her looks are so demure and gentle. She has the charm of a girl-next-door, both pleasant and agreeable. With her charming personality and ability to communicate well, she is definitely one lady whom you are unlikely to forget for a long time. Her perfect figure and natural assets make her one of the most attractive women you're bound to meet. Coupled with her soft and passionate touches, be prepared for an intimate and mind-blowing experience!


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